Selected Editions by Uwe Wittwer. Latest editions available from:
Hatje Cantz | Fondation Beyeler | Verein Für Originalgrafik

Untitled, 2009

Limited edition of the book «Verwehung» including one of three inkjet prints. Edition of 33 books, prints numbered 1/11 to 11/11, I/III to III/III. Printed by Kevin Mueller at Atelier Uwe Wittwer, Zürich, 2009. Published by Nolan Judin, Berlin. Sheet/image size: 27 x 23 cm

Verwehung, 2008

7 prints, heliogravure and etching, in an edition of 12 numbered 1 to 12 plus 3 proof sets numbered I/III - III/III. Plates produced by Michèle Dillier, Arno Hassler. Printed by Michèle Dillier, Atelier de Gravure, Moutier, Switzerland, June 2008. Published by Haunch of Venison, Zürich. Sheet size: 63 x 55 cm. With title-page in grey linen portfolio

Museum, 2005

Kevin Mueller and Uwe Wittwer with Aziza Sadikova, Cembalo composer; Andreas Ryser, sound producer; Klaus Merz, text; Arne Nannestad, voice. DVD, 10 minutes looped. Edition of 5.

To the Stadium, 2001

Kevin Mueller and Uwe Wittwer with Amy Lawrence, text and voice; Andreas Ryser, music. DVD, 21 minutes looped. Edition of 5.